2018 Feature Exhibits

Empire of Dirt

Maker Faire Ottawa is excited to partner with Jon Sarriugarte, his wife Kyrsten Mate, and their #EmpireOfDirt crew to bring you biomechanical kinetic sculptures, merging ancient mythos and modern science.

For more from Jon Sarriugarte and the Empire of Dirt crew visit formandreform.com

Crew: Jon Sarriugarte, Kyrsten Mate, Zolie Mae Sarriugarte, Paige Tashner, Tom Sepe, Dan Pavlichek, Will Keller, Jillian Northrup, Jeffrey McGrew, Viva Northrup McGrew

Serpent Twins

Meet Jormungand (Midgard) and Julunggul (Rainbow), two mythical beasts hand-forged from metal and cast off materials, they sit “between 2 worlds; the old world that needed and revered them and the present which has shunned such monsters as fears metamorphosed into mythical form.” The twin kinetic sculptures are the embodiment of the Serpent mythology that exists in numerous cultures throughout the world: a coming of age story and rite of passage.


Electrobite: Sarriugarteis (Olenoides) trilobite. This prehistoric steampunk fossil looks ominous with its luminescent eyes and otherworldly glow emanating from its hard metal exoskeleton. It moves with lightning speed under the command of its master and rider. But don’t be frightened, go say hello: it doesn’t bite!


Spikey the art car

Following in her parents footsteps, Zolie Mae Sarriugarte will be presenting her own ingenious invention, Spikey the art car. Come see her talk about how she and her friend Karydis Johnson converted a Barbie jeep into a Mad Max art car!



Lego Bridge

We are thrilled to present North America’s longest lego bridge. Doug Pengelly has built this 40′ cable stay bridge built entirely of lego. As if this bridge isn’t impressive enough, Doug is already hard at work planning the ultimate LEGO bridge to take home the world record!




Presented by Artengine

The Chromatograph, thanks to its pendulum mechanism, makes it possible to create fascinating elliptical spiral designs!





Presented by Artengine

The Urbanoscope is a large mobile kaleidoscope, designed to create a link with visitors so that they keep a beautiful memory of the festival.


Positive Vibes

Presented by Artengine

Positive vibes is a floating installation that attempts to flip the often negative notion of amplified sound in a public space into something positive. Find this colourful mobile artwork floating around the museum, listen carefully and it will offer you positive vibes.




Digital Art Trail

Presented by Artengine

Follow the trail and discover digital art all over the museum.

Artists include: Matthew Biederman, Memo Akten, Desmond Leung, Katie Torn and Frederik de Wilde.